The Cloudey brand

Our brand

We are proud of the Cloudey brand and do our best to take good care of it.
We shape our visual brand to create a pleasing visual aesthetic accompanied with clear and concise presentation and great user experience.
As a service provider, we advance our brand by setting the customer first in all our interactions, being personal and friendly in our messages and always doing our absolute best to provide a great experience.

Visual brand

The centerpiece of our visual branding is our logo:

The logo depicts an abstract cloud composed of three intersecting ellipses, where the intersecting areas are coloured differently, usually, but not always accompanied with the text "Cloudey". It can be used on light or dark backgrounds, and has 4 different variants for different contexts. The logotype uses the font Major Mono Display with slight alterations.

The four main colours of the Cloudey visual brand are:

Sky: #2880C9

Rain: #004875

Thunder: #003251

Storm: #001A2D

With accompanying shades and tints.

Our visual brand as well as the trademarks Cloudey® and Cloudey Hosting™ are protected under applicable Estonian, EU and international copyright and trademark laws, regulations and treaties. Cloudey® is a registered trademark in the Republic of Estonia. All rights to the Cloudey® brand are reserved by Cloudey IT OÜ.

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