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Web hosting plans

Web hosting

Cloudey offers 3 web hosting plans: Rain, Thunder and Tornado. Rain Rain is the entry-level pla...

Do you have a refund guarantee? How can I get a refund?

General information Billing and payments

Sometimes, things just don't work out. Maybe you decided you don't actually need web hosting righ...

Can I use Git? Do you support version control systems?

Technical information

We provide full integration for version control via Git through cPanel. You can set up cloning fr...

Do you support Node.js®? Which versions of Node do you support?

Technical information

We support running and managing Javascript applications using Node.js® on all web hosting plans. ...

Do you make backups of client websites? Where do you store backups? How do I restore a backup? How long do you keep backups?

Technical information

Frequency and scope We make daily individual backups of all accounts on our shared hosting plans...

How to upgrade/downgrade my hosting service?

Web hosting

If you're running out of resources or, conversely, need to downgrade your service, you can do so ...

How can I manage my website? How can I access the control panel (cPanel)?

Technical information

You can access cPanel (the hosting control panel) by entering in your addre...

Which control panel do you offer? Do you offer cPanel?

Technical information

All our regular web hosting plans come with cPanel, the long-term industry standard web hosting c...

Can I pay on a yearly/annual basis? Which payment terms do you offer?

General information Billing and payments

You can pay for all services on a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month or yearly basis. Do you offer a disc...

Why is my invoice not marked as paid?

General information Billing and payments

If you have paid your invoice or think that the invoice should be marked as paid, but you are sti...


General information

This is the knowledgebase and documentation for Cloudey web hosting, web development, and enterpr...

What is the payment term for invoices?

General information Billing and payments

Our invoices have a Net 14 payment term by default, ie. invoices have to be paid in full within 1...

Do you accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

General information Billing and payments

We do not accept Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency as payment for our services.

Which payment methods do you accept?

General information Billing and payments

We accept payments via credit or debit card, bank transfer, and iDeal. We are also working toward...

Which jurisdiction applies to you? Do you comply with GDPR? Do you comply with DMCA notices?

General information General

We are governed by the laws and regulations of both Estonia and the European Union, including the...

Which services do you provide?

General information General

We strive to offer a full range of services for small and medium enterprises as well as private c...

How long have you been in business?

General information General

Cloudey was founded in 2014. We have built a solid foundation for our business and gained a lot o...

Where are you based?

General information General

Cloudey is officially registered in Estonia, which is part of the European Union. We have a pres...

Nameservers, DNS and CloudFlare

Technical information

Nameservers respond to DNS queries for your domain, essentially telling the browser where to find...

Web hosting terms and conditions

Web hosting

The latest version of terms and conditions for Cloudey web hosting is available on our website. I...