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Can I use an SSL certificate? Can I use HTTPS? Do you support Let's Encrypt?

Technical information

All our web hosting plans include free HTTPS for all domains and subdomains on the account. This ...

Which PHP versions are supported? Which PHP extensions are installed?

Technical information

PHP versions All shared hosting plans support the following PHP versions: PHP 7.4 Available u...

How can I change PHP settings? How can I increase the file upload limit or memory limit of PHP?

Technical information

Changing PHP settings You can find various PHP settings in cPanel under MultiPHP INI Manager, lo...

Common issues related to Wordpress (incl. Elementor)

Technical information

Listed below are some common issues that sometimes occur when using Wordpress with Elementor or o...

Where are the servers located?

Web hosting

All of the servers we use for web hosting services are located in Germany. The central location a...

Unable to connect e-mail account to Gmail with POP3. Connection timed out or connection refused in Gmail.

Technical information

It can be covenient to connect your email account hosted with us to your Gmail account in order t...

How to add an additional website / domain to my hosting plan?

Technical information

All hosting plans support hosting multiple websites / domains on the same plan. The Rain, Thunder...

My IP was blocked from accessing my website or the hosting control panel!

Technical information

There are various reason why an IP can end up temporarily or permanently blocked from accessing t...